I would like to share a heart-warming story. A patient, Hannah, recently passed away here at SLCH after a very long stay.  Afterward, Hannah’s mother contacted me and wanted to donate Hannah’s equipment to other kids and families.

One item that they donated was an adaptive bike.  When I found out about the bike, I immediately knew of the perfect patient and family to receive such a wonderful gift.  Natalie, a 4-year-old patient, has been wishing for an adaptive bike for a long time.  Her family has contacted many resources to try to find a bike that Natalie could use.

On Thursday, Feb. 9,  I saw Natalie’s mom, Julie, here for another appointment and told her about the gift from Hannah.  Julie took one look at the bike and knew it was perfect for Natalie.

She wanted to surprise Natalie with it later that night so her dad could see her receive the bike, too.  Julie decided to take the bike out to their van while Natalie was in her appointment.

As Julie and one of the therapy aides, Katie, were waiting at the elevators to take the bike to the car, the elevator doors opened and Hannah’s parents were getting out of the elevator.  Hannah’s dad took one look at the bike and said “That’s Hannah’s bike! Are you getting Hannah’s bike?”

After an emotional few minutes, Hannah’s parents wanted to see Natalie receive Hannah’s bike.  It special for everyone who watched such a heartwarming moment!

When Natalie saw the bike, she had a smile from ear to ear.  She was so excited to have her own bike, and it was great for everyone to see her have such joy from a wonderful gift.

It was so wonderful to witness such a positive experience come from a heart wrenching situation. I know that Hannah’s family was delighted to see a beautiful, sweet girl, like Hannah, receive her bike.  These two families immediately bonded and exchanged information to stay in touch with each other.

It’s wonderful to share such an amazing story.  This was a moment I will cherish forever.